Murano Glass

La Bomboniera Marbella Cristales de Murano

The Art of Murano Glass was originally born in Venice, Italy, during the Reinassance period of XV century. It was well known and appreciated throughout Europe among the upper class exponents, thanks to the glass excellent properties and the special manufacturing.


Murano Glass is one of the  most precious glasses  manufactured in Italy, following the antique tradition and techniques of the ancient Masters.


Our flutes are manufactured by a  top quality Italian factory,  among the most important in the world,  located in the Tuscany region and with more than 40 years of experience and tradition. They are later handpainted in Venice, characterizing every piece with the personal touch of the artist. Every glass is therefore unique.


Murano Glass gallery

You will be surprised to see the magnificent, unique and elegant Murano Glass.

Items for your wedding gifts, christening and all other events, created by the expert hands of talented artisans from Murano, Venice.

We offer a special discount for large orders.

The images on this website are for informational purposes only. The products of La Bomboniera Marbella are entirely handmade, according to the ancient techniques of master glassmakers. Small imperfections, variations in size or color are not to be considered as defects, but the result of a completely manual production. We certify that all our products have a galvanic coating in 925 sterling silver subjected to an antioxidant protection treatment.